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Due to a software glitch, the parking machines have been off line effectively from Nov. 19th.

If your credit card statements reflects multiple charges for parking all on the same day -- THEY ARE NOT IN ERROR.

Check your statements for any single day charges – do the missing single day charges add up to the multiple day ones?

The wireless system that was installed with the ticket dispensing machines had an inherent data limitation that neither Cogeco or Bell mobility were able to be eliminated.

After several logistical setbacks, the wireless system was replaced with overhead cable and a hard wire connection back to the central modem.

Daily parking activity was being stored in memory awaiting data transmission via Moneris upon the re-connection to the internet.

The new hard wired system went live on the Main St. machine Wednesday Feb 19th and is scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 25 for the King St. machine.

All stored transaction were then transmitted and processed and appear as multiple single day charges instead of single day events processed on the actual day of their occurrence.

Management sincerely apologise for the confusion and any inconvenience. See the attendant in the booth for more information.

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